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‘Brave Citizen’ Secures Asian Deals

Trend Indexing: Seoul-based sales company Finecut has struck key Asian deals for the vigilante action movie “Brave Citizen.”

In Korea, the film is presented by Content Wavve, one of the country’s leading OTT platforms and is headed for a Korean theatrical release on Oct. 25.

Finecut has sealed deals with Kadokawa Plus for Japan, with Moviecloud for Taiwan and with Lumix Medi for Vietnam. Additionally, Kairos Distribution has grabbed inflight rights.

The film is adapted from a webtoon of the same name that was serialized on the Comico platform in Korea and Japan, and for a time ranked in popularity on the Korean platform.

It follows the story of an aspiring boxer who has become a substitute teacher after quitting her boxing career. After confronting an odious student, she dons a mask to conceal her identity as a teacher and secretly fights against the bully and for justice.

The film is directed by Park Jin-pyo (“Voice Of A Murderer,” “You Are My Sunshine”), and features a cast including Shin Hae-sun, one of the most active leading actresses in both films and TV series (“Don’t Buy The Seller,” “See You In My 19th Life,” “Mr Queen”) as the teacher and Lee Jun-young (Netflix’s “Mask Girl,” “Love and Leashes”), as the villain boy.

The film is produced by StudioN, a film and TV series production company that is part of Naver Webtoon and has credits including “Bloodhounds” (Netflix), ”Sweet Home”). It is coproduced with VOL Media and Oscar10studio.

Additionally, local distribution is to be handled by Mindmark, a financier and distributor that has recently been involved with “Honey Sweet” and “Love Reset.”

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