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12 Best Netflix Shows That Are Longer Than 5 Seasons

Trend Indexing: There is so much great TV available at the moment that it can be hard to decide what to watch. When you finally do make a choice and settle in with it, there is nothing worse than spending a day or two on a series only to realize it only has three seasons.

Luckily, there are plenty of long series on Netflix that go for the long haul to fill your days and nights with. From comedies to dramas, easy watches to award-winning epics, there is something for everyone among the best long shows on Netflix.

12 ‘Lucifer’

6 Seasons (2016 – 2021)

Lucifer Cast

Based on the DC character by the same name, Lucifer is among the binge-worthy shows with multiple seasons on Netflix. The urban fantasy crime drama stars Tom Ellis as the devil himself. Over six seasons, the series follows Lucifer as he retires from Hell’s top job and moves to Los Angeles to run a luxurious nightclub.

Lucifer’s life on Earth is turned upside down when he witnesses the murder of a friend and meets Detective Chloe Decker (Lauren German). Intrigued by Chloe and by solving crimes, Lucifer decides to lend a hand, becoming a consultant and using his powers to help resolve cases and fight unearthly beings. Fans of shows like Supernatural,Charmed, and Angel will love Lucifer.

11 ‘House of Cards’

6 Seasons (2013 – 2018)

Claire Underwood

A riveting political drama eventually marred by controversy, House of Cards remains one of the best long shows on Netflix. It weaves an absorbing story about the government, and what people will do to stay in power. It particularly focuses on the ruthless Frank and Claire Underwood (played by Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright) as they maneuver, manipulate, and do whatever is necessary to climb to the top (and stay there).

With Machiavellian tactics on full display from its morally ambiguous characters, the series effectively and unflinchingly shows just how far politicians will and can go. Following the controversy surrounding Spacey, House of Cards managed to finish off strong by passing the spotlight to Robin Wright, who took center stage until the finale.

10 ‘Peaky Blinders’

6 Seasons (2013 – 2022)

Peaky Blinders Cast

In Peaky Blinders, the BAFTA award-winning crime drama series Cillian Murphy heads up an all-star cast featuring appearances from Tom Hardy, Anya Taylor-Joy, Adrien Brody, and Sam Neill. Set in England post-WWI, the series tells the story of the Shelby brothers and their gang, the so-called “Peaky Blinders,” as they wreak havoc on the streets of Birmingham.

The critically acclaimed British series, which has six gripping seasons, has been compared to TV all-timers like Boardwalk Empire and The Wire. This gangster epic is loosely based on real events and has had a significant cultural impact on the UK, even spawning a video game and an upcoming spinoff film expected to come out in 2024.

9 ‘BoJack Horseman’

6 Seasons (2014 – 2020)

BoJack Horseman Image via Netflix

A renowned animated black comedy-drama for adults, BoJack Horseman is among Netflix’s highest-quality series. It’s centered on the titular character, a washed-up sitcom star from the ’90s trying to navigate the revival of his career, his drug addiction, and dysfunctional relationships. Alongside now-iconic characters like his feline manager, Princess Carolyn, human sidekick, Diane Nguyen, and close friend, Todd Chavez, BoJack must learn some hard consequences as he chases fame.

The show delves into some dark subject matter, including mental health conditions, addiction, abuse, and more. It’s the type of series that can leave audiences with existential dread, but – as proven by its numerous beloved seasons – one that fans just keep coming back to over and over.

8 ‘Better Call Saul’

6 Seasons (2015 – 2022)

Bob Odenkirk at a desk reading some papers in Better Call Saul Image Via AMC

Better Call Saul is a crime drama series that serves as a prequel to the award-winning and legendary show, Breaking Bad. The show revolves around the life of Jimmy McGill (Bob Odenkirk), a small-time yet earnest lawyer, who soon transforms into the criminal lawyer “Saul Goodman.” Along the way, the show explores Jimmy’s moral struggles and his relationships with his brother, Chuck (Michael McKean), and his love interest, Kim Wexler (Rhea Seehorn), as he becomes more involved in the criminal underworld.

Better Call Saul is a good series to watch that’s known for its great character development, well-written script, and its ability to stand on its own while simultaneously connected to its predecessor. It is often cited alongside prequels that exceeded their original in both length and quality, with Better Call Saul having six seasons compared to Breaking Bad’s five-season run. The prequel series is worth watching at least once, even just to see the incredible performances by Bob Odenkirk and Jonathan Banks as Jimmy and Mike Ehrmantraut.

7 ‘Gilmore Girls’

7 Seasons (2000 – 2007)

Lorelai and Rory on a sleigh ride across the snow in Gilmore Girls. Image via Warner Bros.

A charming and often heartwarming dramedy (and a binge-worthy series), Gilmore Girls revolves around the lives of Lorelai Gilmore (Lauren Graham) and her daughter Rory (Alexis Bledel). Set in the quaint fictional small town of Stars Hollow, Connecticut, the series focuses on the mother-daughter relationship between the protagonists, and the complications they experience as drama unfolds.

The perfect pick for a cozy night, Gilmore Girls’ witty banter, quirky townsfolk, and small-town drama make for a relaxing and lighthearted viewing experience – as long as viewers don’t get too invested in the emotional conflicts. It’s a delightful series that depicts all the messiness, love, and humor that can come with family.

6 ‘Queer Eye’

7 Seasons (2018 – )

Queer Eye Cast

Queer Eye first graced our screens in 2003. Now, thanks to Netflix, the Fab Five are back and better than ever. The series is guaranteed to make you cry happy tears as Antoni Porowski, Tan France, Karamo Brown, Bobby Berk, and the iconic Jonathan Van Ness improve the lives of people all over Atlanta, helping them with everything from decorating their homes to reinventing their personal style and grooming routines.

This uplifting series has won the hearts of viewers around the world and earned itself nine Primetime Emmy Awards, including the award for Outstanding Structured Reality Program for four years in a row.

5 ‘Grace and Frankie’

7 Seasons (2015 – 2022)

Grace Frankie Cast

Although it came to an end last April 2022, Grace and Frankie is the longest-running Netflix Original Series with seven seasons under its belt. Featuring a stellar ensemble class including the likes of Jane Fonda, Lily Tomlin, Martin Sheen and Sam Waterston, it is no wonder the series has earned itself thirteen Primetime Emmy Award nominations.

The series follows Grace Hanson (Fonda) and Frankie Bergstein (Tomlin), in the aftermath of their husbands leaving them for each other. Now, two women who can hardly stand one another find themselves not only having to start all over again in their 70s but having to do it all under one roof.

4 ‘Orange is the New Black’

7 Seasons (2013 – 2019)

Orange Is The New Black Cast Image via Netflix

Orange Is The New Black is one of Netflix Original’s most successful shows, scoring four Primetime Emmy Awards in its seven-season run. Based on the book by the same name, the show stars an ensemble class featuring Natasha Lyonne, Laura Prepon, Taylor Schilling, Danielle Brooks, and Uzo Aduba, who won two Emmys for her role as Suzanne ‘Crazy Eyes’ Warren in the series.

Among the best long-running series on Netflix, it centers around Piper Chapman (Schilling), a 30-something New Yorker who is sentenced to fifteen months in prison for a crime that she committed ten years earlier. Covering critical social issues such as sexual identity, mental illness, addiction and transgender rights via a brilliantly delivered dramedy, it is easy to see why TIME named Orange Is The New Black the most important TV show of the decade.

3 ‘The Blacklist’

10 Seasons (2013 – 2023)

blacklist-season-8-finale Image via NBC

The Blacklist is a crime thriller series that premiered in 2013 and has run for 9 seasons, with a tenth season scheduled to premiere on February 26, 2023. The series centers around retired U.S. soldier Raymond “Red” Reddington (James Spader), a high-profile criminal who has now handed himself in to the FBI after years of evading capture. He informs the FBI that he has created a list of the world’s most dangerous criminals over the course of his criminal career and offers to assist them in finding and apprehending them.

The intriguing character of Reddington and the chemistry between him and Elizabeth Keen (played by Megan Boone) make each episode an exciting one. It masterfully mixes crime, suspense, and drama to keep viewers guessing with unexpected twists and turns throughout the series.

2 ‘The Walking Dead’

11 Seasons (2010 – 2022)

Rick, Lori, Shane on The Walking Dead Image via AMC

The Walking Dead is a post-apocalyptic horror show that centers on a group of survivors looking for a secure place to live following a zombie outbreak. They are guided by Sheriff’s deputy Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln, who joins their struggle to keep their humanity intact in the face of unbelievable danger and hardship. The series investigates the effects of the post-apocalyptic landscape on human morals and social dynamics.

With 11 long seasons, the series had a lot of time to develop its well-written characters. It’s also renowned for its emotionally charged narrative and treatment of profound themes like leadership, trust and the human condition. Plus, the masterful use of makeup and special effects allowed the “walkers” to be frighteningly and realistically brought to life. Anyone who still hasn’t seen it still has time to catch up before TWD’s three spin-offs.

1 ‘Grey’s Anatomy’

19 Seasons (2005 – )

Grey's Anatomy Cast Image via ABC

You can always count on Shonda Rhimes to deliver season after season of award-winning drama. Her longest-running series, Grey’s Anatomy, is currently up to its 19th season. The Primetime Emmy Award-winning series follows the intense personal and professional lives of doctors at a Seattle hospital.

One of the longest-running scripted American primetime television series’ ever (and among the best longest series on Netflix), Grey’s Anatomy is responsible for escalating the careers of actors like Sandra Oh, Patrick Dempsey, Ellen Pompeo, and Katherine Heigl. It’s a show with a massive fanbase and a medical drama that has an irreplaceable spot in pop culture.


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