iOS 17.1 to fix iPhone 15 Pro Action Button quirk people hate

Trend Indexing: If you’ve purchased an iPhone 15 Pro, you’re probably loving the new customizable Action Button that replaced the mute switch. However, you’ve probably suffered the occasional annoyance through accidental presses while it’s in your pocket.

Thankfully, it seems, iOS 17.1 will do away with the inconvenience. While delving through the latest beta version of the as-yet-unreleased iOS 17.1 update, 9to5Mac discovered a new tool that can detect when the iPhone 15 Pro is resting peacefully in your pocket.

In this instance, activating the Action Button would require a longer press, which should reduce the instances where the user has enabled it by accident while delving for keys, changes, and the like. The feature, according to the report, is fully active in the third beta of iOS 17.1 that came out on Tuesday.

The Action Button remains in the same position alongside the volume button. In essence it can still be used as a mute switch, but you’ll get haptic feedback with a press instead of the satisfying flicking of the switch. This will inform you you’ve silenced/un-silenced incoming notifications.

There’s also plenty of new functionality too. You choose to access camera, begin a voice memo, enable do-not-disturb modes, activate the flashlight, and plenty more. You can read our guide on how to customise the iPhone 15 Pro Action button here.

The adjustment in iOS 17.1 will likely come as a relief to iPhone 15 Pro owners who’d suffered from the accidental presses, but it’s not the only key tweak coming in iOS 17.1.

There’ll also be a new option to disable the new StandBy mode after 20 seconds before the display turns off. Currently, the new smart display-like mode is always on when the phone is charging and aligned horizontally.

The iOS 17.1 tweak sounds like a nice option to view the time and a snapshot of information, without burning out one’s eyeballs by activating the regular screen mode when you wake up to pee in the night.

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